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Artworks in various mediums, ranging from pencil to pen and ink to prisma color to water color prints all digitally remastered in Adobe PhotoShop

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1. Afrika Bambaataa, Founder of Universal Zulu Nation(2005)--pencil / illustration

2. Kool Herc, Legend responsible for bringing Dub sound from Carribean to New York, USA (2005)--prismacolor markers / illustration

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3. Life Promote~Pleasant Memories (2008~revised version 2014)--prismacolor markers, Adobe PhotoShop (possible also in Aerosol) / Graff-based character illustration and concepts


4. Sense E (1994)--colored pencils, prisma color markers

5. Minerva One (2003)--prisma color markers, Adobe PhotoShop (possible to be rendered in Aerosol as well) / character illustration

6. Mrs. Elder (2002)--watercolor, pen and ink wash, liquid paper (the original--included in a lost sketchbook--was made,scanned and lost in 2002, in 2005 the disc was recovered and remastered in Adobe PhotoShop) / portrait from photograph

7. Ice T, Rhyme Pays Tribute (2001)--colored pencils, prisma colors, AdobePhotoShop / Graff character illustration

8. Tribe Called Unity, Youth and Team @ Pacific News Service / Youth Outhlook (1999)--pen and ink published in West Coast-worldwide newspaper / concept illustration

9. Rasta Snow (1998)--pen and ink wash / print

10. Ski Black (1998)--pen and ink wash / print

11. Beauty Shop 3 (1994)--Colored pencil, watercolors, Adobe PhotoShop/ ad promotional poster, flyers, t-shirts concept

12. Alkebulan (2006)--pencil, prismacolor marker, some PhotoShop / character illustration

13. Graff to Revitalize Los Angeles (2008)--Pencil, Adobe PhotoShop / mural, ARTIST promotions, educational inspiration

14. L*ve Art (1999)--colored pencil, Prismacolor markers, also Adobe PhotoShop / print