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A Hippocratic Math Curriculum called Coitus ONE

CoitUS ONE: Create Art and Multiply (Adult/Erotica mode, 18 & Up)



First of all, about the word..."Coitus", the word means intercourse...with men and women to work toward the goal of bringing forth new energy, generating new life. I couldn't find another word, one word, that said the same effort and includes men and women working together with to really like...the goal being worked toward~"Procreation" or "Hippocratic Math" could be a more appropriate substitute for saying "Coitus". Having said that... Allright...

Peoples, I like to learn something new and relevant (information that can be applied to LIFE) every day. When I say relevant, I mean to relay the idea of a way to associate one's self with his or her life and apply reason. Focus on a BETter World (or whatever your Circle of LIFE is about, if there is a difference in inference). To progress in life, I have a curriculum called Coitus One:

1.  'Your Wonderful World of Science' by Ira and Mae Freeman (pictorial version by JAW & Renaissance Photo Team) ["Greetings"]

2.  'The New King JAMEs version of the Holy Bible'* (with introductory Preface and post notes in the pages of the Glossary) ["PEACE"]
    *After reading the Bible completely, cover to cover, these are the first manifestations, reflections of knowledge (forming wisdom) I realize and reinforce comprehension of the importance of CoitUS ONE/1:
     1.  John Chapter 1/[Ezra Chapter 3]
     2.  Psalm 82
     3.  Ezra Chapter 3/[John Chapter 1]
     4.  Book of Psalms
     5.  Book of Proverbs
     6.  Book of Genesis-Exodus, Book of Song of Solomon
     7.  Book of Revelations
     8.  Book of Jonah
     9.  Book of Numbers
   10.  Emphatically read the NKJV from cover to cover (at least once) using living math for numeroglogy for complete understanding.
    What's NU (here and aBroad)?  Education and Health are the dominant themes in LIFE.
    Peace, ReSPect and Blessin's,
3.  '365 Questions and Answers', [thanks to the supporters] (published in New York by Derrydale Books By Borijov Likovic, 1988) [answers questions the average person would want to know about in LIFE in general]
(updated edition)
4.  'Temple of HipHop Manual'from KRS One[Bebop...Duwop...HipHop~Actively preserving the Culture of HipHop as it refers to the 9 elements of HipHop (manifesting in this real LIFE of ours in the Arts of HipHop to Entrepreneurship, that's 9 elements to build a civilizations' LIFE for longevity); Health, Love, Awareness & Wealth (HLAW), Capoeira and other martial Arts, as well as building long lasting relationships, redirecting our lust for LIFE; and'Los Angeles History of Graffiti Art' for an amendum to pg. 29 (thanks to SWARM and RSP Crew for the knowledge)
5.  'Wu Tang Manual'from the RZA [Building on the foundation of civilized living, primarily the equality of living and preserving our Creativity as Artists:  HipHop production in Visual media, Sound media & martial Arts & technology]; Metaphysical Science of Marvel Comics
"Equality Exxcstacy"
6.  'Cambell's Biology', Student Study Guide, 3rd editionby Martha R. Taylor;
7.'Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization' from Anthony Broader & 'Know Your History' from J. A. Rogers;
8.'History of Funk' from Rickey Vincent (particularly the Essential Funk Recordings and the map of the Major Funk Artists by region that inspired the Rising Sun Productions perfomance with KPFA; 
9. Black Comix Anthogology by Dwayne Duffy & 'Latino USA' from Lalo Alcaraz & Ilan Stavans & 'The Community Sponsor$hip Program' by J A Wheaton
***[Email or call for more Proges$ and suggested readings concerning this particular curriculum.]
Respect and Regards,
CA the West  Way All Day!!!

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