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A Curriculum called Coitus ONE

CoitUS ONE: Create Art and Multiply (Adult/Erotica mode, 18 & Up)



First of all, about the word..."Coitus", the word means intercourse...with men and women to work toward the goal of bringing forth new energy, generating new life. I couldn't find another word, one word, that said the same effort and includes men and women working together with to really like...the goal being worked toward~"Procreation" or "Hippocratic Math" could be a more appropriate substitute for saying "Coitus". Having said that... Allright...

Peoples, I like to learn something new and relevant (information that can be applied to LIFE) every day. When I say relevant, I mean to relay the idea of a way to associate one's self with his or her life and apply reason. Focus on a BETter World (or whatever your Circle of LIFE is about, if there is a difference in inference). To progress in life, I have a curriculum called Coitus One:

1. 'Your Wonderful World of Science' by Ira and Mae Freeman (pictorial version by JAW & Renaissance Photo Team) ["Greetings"]

2. 'The New King JAMEs version of the Holy Bible'* (with introductory and post notes) ["PEACE"]
*After reading the Bible completely, cover to cover, these are the first manifestations, reflections of knowledge (forming wisdom) I realize and reinforce comprehension of the importance of CoitUS ONE/1:

1. John Chapter 1/[Ezra Chapter 3]
2. Psalm 82
3. Ezra Chapter 3/[John Chapter 1]

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