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Born seeing the world in my eyes... looking forward to creating characters and meaningful writings ever sense I can remember, I purposefully drive forward to extend Hip Hop Culture as an African American Artist.

...and... after months of ridicule for continuing to remain interested in the world of comic books, well... "Graffic" novels... (one of my Peoples at the time hipped me to the Slick and Hex battles going on, showed me some graffic magazines and my brain began exploring the possibilities).

In days of old, way back when, in 1992, I convinced an author, Lateef Mungin, to work on and co-produce a comic book, The Cipher (apologies to H. Rap Brown on the misprint, no disrespect intended). Seeing The Dark Knight, by Frank Miller, presented another realm of possiblilities in creative writing within the medium of graphic novels.

Lateef and I came into publishing graffic novels (beginning stages), in 1991; simultaneously, the Sims Brothers came out with 'Brotherman'. Even though I met Dawud ("David" at the time) they reinforced my inspirations to bring about positive African American characters (other than, say, Falcon or Powerman, who, although are great characters, they were developed by illustrators other than Black which doesn't completely allow expression of the demograffic, you know). Anyway, my point is that Dawud showed me some ways to put together comic book panels in his sketchbook at a Black Expo we were both in; however, Lateef and I were in the process of completing our first book before we even seen 'Brotherman' (or I'd seen any other Black comic character that wasn't Marvel or DC). As 1992 approached, I got wind of Dwayne Turner at Milestone Media and I started noticing more of Overton Lloyd's work on the Funkadelic/Parliament covers. It was a comic strip illustrators, Rob Armstrong and Rupurt Kinard and curator, Roshon Perry who actually gave us direction in getting our conceptualization into tangible existence.

After, Several rounds with investors--grudgingly and carefully articulated arguments over art versus business; in the midst of which, we managed to get 7500 issues self published (the old fashioned way--web press and half tone).

We focused on completing college and graduated from the San Francisco State University education program with Bachelors of Arts degrees--my degree in Cinema, and Lateef's degree in Journalism. The series now in the process of being revised into Graffic novel form. We got some great comic book signings, museum exhibitions, and lessons on how fast selling published books can turn over and how much time one needs to put in to get [something] back. I eventually graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree specializing in Cinema. ReSPect on the reasonings.

Composing and promoting a comic book series (4 issues total) took over 5 years in itself. I got on TV, sold books at trade shows, met with Peoples about business plans, forecasting, bookstores maneuvering for straight sales over consignment because "the landlord can't pay his property taxes on a "they're some good kids" speech.

So from 1991 to 1997, give or take a couple of projects and mid term exams, I worked on self publishing and promoting the artwork and business. It is a serious endeavor. I've met many Peoples with my crew, and learned it is about keeping things moving forward. Since emerging on the scene in 1991, It is great to see comic books like 'Brotherman', and MileStone reach certain acheivements, reinforcing the strength of not only what is possible, but what can actually really reach existence. I continue to produce projects: "Graffic" Novels, Music Production, and Animation. I've published a poetry book of Urban Erotica; I'm working on a Graffic novel compilation featuring a revision of the Cipher comic book series; I've recently completed an LP, 'CALIforNIA 729', official release date 9/18 of this year.

I'm inspired by Will Eisner, Wallace Wood along with, of course, the Artists aforementioned (strength in numbers), Afro Samurai, Fat Albert, The Boondocks, Johnny Quest (60s series version), 70s Spiderman, and the Animated Blue Carpet Treatment (honestly, I'd probably lean toward a West Coast, Wild Style Hentai). I'd like to network with a team of talented better than good, Graff-Inspired Artists to make the realness happen--Graffic novels, Hip Hop music production, Animation with the inspirations. Interested collaborators or fans can visit my online store and connect with me via online on my channel at youtube.com (comment if you are excited), or Email:


Youtube.com channel:

 JAW @ youtube.com

Email (((Graffiti muralist mail))):

JAW @ westhealthcreations5@yahoo.com & InfiniteARTJAW729@gmail.com


Keep the Creativity Mega!!!

Live Long Strong and Healthy!!!!!

Ability to create ARTIST concepts in vector artwork & also Adobe PhotoShop

Talent in illustration hand skills; solid layout design as well

Ability to understand and follow established design style guides

Ability to produce spot illustrations/comps, create PDF forms, Adobe Reader

Strong time management skills with ability to work efficiently on multiple projects, meet tight deadlines, provided with purpose and project goals

Works well with teams, progressive talents in creating organization

Completes and builds scaled and created concepts, in vector artwork

Hand-draws illustrations and layout designs, energetic composition

Produces spot illustrations/comps, creates PDF forms in Adobe PhotoShop

Works efficiently on multiple projects (provided with purpose and tangible project goals)

Creates Animation concept promotion ideas, “West Coast Anime”, Photo Montage, in Adobe Flash, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, working with SoundForge 4.5

Designs movie posters and character composites based on ARTIST instructions, (PlusWorks1 Productions, ‘War Path’)

Created storyboards according to director’s locations list specifications (Universal Melanin Energy, animated short productions; ‘Rest Stop’, for Merit’s Dolgi Productions)

Has a history producing Artworks for Pacific News Service (‘Youth Outlook’, SF, CA)

Constructs 5 to 12-page “graffic” novel stories based on Submissions Editor specifications (PlusWorks1 Productions & Ent., clients incl. Fantagraphics/Eros)

Responsible in producing original graphic novels distributed nationwide: created 5 “Graffic” novels (mature content illustrated books) based upon concepts discussed with production managers (RSProductions, Eros/Fantagraphics, PlusWorks1)

Creator, illustrator, 2nd writer, and publisher of Black action-hero comic book (‘The Cipher’)

Composes covers art for various album covers (Darkman Productions, PlusWorks1 Ent.)

Refines final illustration drafts of mural concepts (three-level high school gymnasium, Calvin Simmons Jr. High, Oakland, CA, U.S.A.)

Talents With Equipment & Technical Skills
Composes and combines audio elements for song and commercial teams, promotions as well

Works with image compression, file correction and optimization techniques; compresses completed art work into digital format (JPEG, vector, avi, dv, wav, mp3, swf) files for publishing

Possesses experience in proofing and match-printing film for newspaper advertisements and coupons based on digital files (Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, also Adobe PhotoShop)

Experience in preparing 4/Color process and spot color machines for offset printing and digital output

Implements and maintains image/file cataloging, archiving and backup programming.

Completes illustrated projects and layout designs within schedule constraints according to Editor, Project Management, Client, or Director specifications; ensures all projects follow creative production standards
Talents in Digital Graphics, Composition & Skills
Adobe CS3 Design Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Flash, Acrobat, Premiere pkg.)

SoundForge 4.5, Ensonic EPS, SP 1200, Fostex mixing boards, Technique 1200s, mixers
Final Cut Pro, JVC digital camcorders (Hi8, Super8)
Quark Xpress
Microsoft Word, Excel...



ARTIST of Productions * Plusworks1 * West Coast, U.S.A. 1994 – Present
Custodian & Guard * Romantix * Sherman Oaks, CA * 5/2007- 10/2007
Human Directional * Creative Outdoor Advertising * Riverside, CA * 3/2006 – 5/2007

Proofer/Graphic Designer * Graphics Atlanta * Livermore, CA * 1/2000 – 7/2000

Illustrator/Staff Writer * Pacific News Service * San Francisco, CA * 2/1994 – 8/2000

Art Teacher * Museum Of Children’s Art/Mocha * Oakland, CA * 4/1998 – 6/1999

Student Tutor/Mentor * East Bay Asian Youth Center * Berkeley, CA * 6/1995 – 2/1998

San Francisco State University
Bachelor of Arts, Cinema/Animation

Diablo Valley College &
San Francisco City Visions Cable Channel 29
Video/Audio Editing Certification for Production

Freelance Production Team Artist * with PlusWorks1, RSProductions, Dolgi Productions * U.S.A., international (including Japan)
“Graffic” Novelist * for PlusWorks1 Productions, Fantagraphics & Eros Comix U.S.A., international
Artist on Team of Muralists * "Hip Hop Symphony"
Calvin Simmons Junior High School, Oakland, CA

1999 - La Pena Cultural Center (Berkeley, CA)
1994 - Pro Art Gallery (Oakland, CA)
1993 - Cartoon Art Museum (San Francisco and Florida)


1994-1999, Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Examiner, various radio & television

for information concerning services involving production of...

Graffic Novels

Music Production

and Animation

Storyboards, PhotoShop, or Photography

and Video Editing




JAW~729, FGC/HHW, RSP, WHC (West Health Creators)




Peace, Respect, and Blessin's,

Jerod Andrew Wheaton, "JAW"(...ONE), JAW~729