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This is a project proposal for the reformation of the island of Alcatraz; a audio visual presentation to demolish the prison that is occupying the island and converting it into a public library and fish grotto (perhaps preserving the theme of Alcatraz in memorabilia and video after it is deconstructed keeping in mind the location is a national landmark that the state must reevaluate in the interests of social advancement opportunity and environmental refinement). Promote and support!



The reformation of the structure would share similar architectual features as the Hearst Library and SFSU Library that is included in the video to generate support for better ideas and add to positive interests of California especially the Bay Area where the project is developing.  Included in the proposal is the complete removal of the prison structure, acknowledging the fact that Alcatraz is preserved in recorded format in various videos and film documentaries.  A film crew is involved in the production to commemorate the progress of the project.  This project was organized in part by Jerod A. Wheaton ((("JAW"))) of RSProductions. Promote and support!!!!!